For the past decade, Louisville’s Spice China restaurant has specialized in the intersection of American-Chinese cuisine and authentic Shanghai entrées. At the end of the month, the spacious spot hopes to add a new component to its Pan-Asian eats: a sushi bar.

Spice China already boasts a menu of more than 20 pages (think Sriracha hot wings, curry chicken, jellyfish, tripe, and beef tendon), but owner David Fan wants to add sushi to draw an even more diverse crowd.

“We’re bringing in chef Koichi Iwai, who spent 10 years training in Japan as a sushi chef and who has cooked at Bellagio in Las Vegas,” explains Fan.

Iwai, better known to area diners as the chef at Sushi Zanmai and Sushi Matsuri, plans to offer sushi with an international twist. “We hope to bring in a whole new world of flavor to the Louisville diners.”

269 McCaslin Blvd., Louisville, 720-890-0999