Denver television yakker versus Baltimore radio blowhard. Who ya got?

A worthless on-air conversation this week between CBS 4 sports anchor Vic Lombardi and WNST’s Glenn Clark quickly devolved into and even more worthless dispute over Baltimore’s crime problems and…the Aurora theater shootings?

The pair was discussing Baltimore Raven banners hanging in downtown Denver—and, more specifically, a stunt Lombardi pulled earlier in the day. The dispute escalated from there and finally ended with Clark mentioning the theater shootings. Shortly afterward, Clark penned a pseudo-clarification online and said he wasn’t making fun of the shootings but that he was trying to get Lombardi to “understand the gravity of the murder and crime jokes he was making about Baltimore—a place where there have been 150 murders this year alone.”

If you listen to the argument, here’s a warning: It’s probably the stupidest debate you’ll hear all year.