Colorado Springs Sky Sox baseball is still—somehow—a hidden gem. That’s probably because to get to the baseball stadium of the Colorado Rockies Triple-A team, you have to drive down to Colorado Springs, zig-zag past the giant New Life Church, and then take Powers Boulevard so far south that you begin to think that you must’ve missed a turn. More than an hour’s drive from Coors Field, Security Service Field—the highest altitude professional ballpark at 6,531 feet above sea level—has been the home of the Sky Sox since 1988 when it was used by the Cleveland Indians organization before the Rockies came to Colorado. But, just as the city of Denver has launched a complete renovation of the city’s north end off the success and popularity of a ballpark among the buildings, Colorado Springs is seeking to do the same.

According to a report from the Colorado Springs Gazette, Steve Bach—the city’s mayor and a long-time proponent of a downtown stadium—has asked the Sky Sox organization and Colorado Springs Regional Business Alliance to release a survey to see if anyone else thinks this is a good idea. Besides finding out if people would like baseball in downtown, the survey is focused on finding out what other benefits community members can see stemming from a new focus point in the downtown area.

Susan Edmondson, president and CEO of the Colorado Springs Downtown Partnership, told the Gazette that an experience more like that of Coors Field could invigorate spending in the community which just isn’t much of a convenience at Security Service Field. “When people attend something like a ballgame, they’re absolutely much more likely to go out to eat, buy a beer or go experience other great things nearby,” she said. “I know I do that when I go to a Rockies game. But I’m a little more challenged when I go to a Sky Sox game because I can’t just step outside the stadium and have a pub in walking distance.”

Would you make the trek down to Colorado Springs for a Sky Sox game if the experience included entertainment downtown in addition to baseball?

Image courtesy of the Colorado Springs Sky Sox.

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