Denver Broncos wide receiver Eric Decker is ready for his close-up.

The 26-year-old Peyton Manning target and his fiancée—singer Jessie James—will be the stars of their own reality show this summer, called Love and Other Contact Sports. The show will air on the E! network and will highlight the pair’s upcoming wedding later this year.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the show “will chronicle the sexy young couple’s road to the altar as they juggle careers, relationships, family, and more. Currently residing in their Denver dream home, they share an ambition to succeed, a charmingly fun and unfiltered outlook on life, and most of all, a red-hot attraction for each other.”

Um, yay?

While this might not be must-see television, any Broncos fan should hope this televised relationship turns out better than, well, pretty much anyone who has ever agreed to do a reality show about their love life.

Image courtesy of Shutterstock