The Los Angeles Times has noted that 2008 was, at times, a “wince-worthy” year in sports, providing a rundown that includes a couple of Colorado stories, such as the reason for Denver Broncos running back Tatum Bell‘s new nickname: Tatum Bellhop.

Beware, the Times writes, Bell “comes with baggage, not necessarily his own.” After being released by the Detroit Lions, Bell was caught on hidden camera, removing two Gucci bags from the team’s training facilities. The bags, incidentally, belonged to Rudi Johnson, who replaced Bell on the team. Bell claims it was an honest mistake.

Tell that to Miami Dolphins linebacker Joey Porter. He’s so penalty-prone that he got one for his alma mater, Colorado State University, by jumping into the end zone to give Gartrell Johnson a flying chest bump in celebration of a touchdown against Brigham Young.