Listen to any interview with an NFL player or coach and you’ll inevitably hear, “We are just taking one game at a time.” We’re lucky the Denver Broncos still have games to play in to the 2012 playoffs, but as we sit back and enjoy our first round bye week (a gimme win), the future is hard to ignore.

Who knows what the Broncos team looks like for 2013, but the game matchmakers have concocted a reunion tour of sorts. There aren’t any dates or times linked to the schedule, but here are some Broncos matchups to look out for:

At Indianapolis: Peyton Manning is poised to head back to the city that hosted him for the first 14 years of his career. Greeting him at the Lucas Oil Stadium will be kid wonder Andrew Luck in his sophomore season with Colts. Manning, remember to thank him for the help last week against Houston.

Home vs. Washington: It’s another homecoming, this time for the Broncos’ beloved former coach, Mike Shanahan. Shanahan hasn’t been back to Sports Authority Field at Mile High Stadium since Pat Bowlen tore the coaching whistle from his neck in 2008. He won’t come back empty-handed though. He’s bringing that guy who he claims has the most unique talent at the quarterback position, RGIII.

At New York Giants: The younger Manning’s team couldn’t live up to the idea of a Manning/Manning Super Bowl in February, but we’ll get a dose of the sibling rivalry in next season. Eli and the Giants will host Peyton and the Broncos in one of the most anticipated matchups of the upcoming season.

Home vs. Jacksonville: This is still a mystery matchup for 2013. If your Broncos love extends back to the mid-1990s, you dislike the Jaguars just because. But, the Tim Tebow radar is lighting up after a drama-filled season with the New York Jets. Timmy and the Jets have little to smile about after the 2012 season, and after Tebow was skipped over when Mark Sanchez met the bench, the controversial quarterback is ready to leave the Big Apple. Heading to Jacksonville may be his best bet, and with the Jaguars stumbling to a 2-14 record this season, we may see Tebow back at Sports Authority Field come fall.

—Image courtesy of the Denver Broncos.