While we impatiently wait for our windfall of snow, Salt Lake City-based ski company DPS is releasing the Spoon, the world’s first convex, deep-powder ski. The waiting list is long, but in the next few weeks, heli skiers, backcountry junkies, and side-country (lift-served, non-trail territory) aficionados can add an innovative, edgy new ski to their quiver.

DPS pioneered rocker technology (an upturned shape to facilitate skiimming over the surface of your terrain) when its founder, Stephan Drake, accidentally bent the tips of his heavy metal skis after landing a cliff in Aspen backcountry, making the rest of the run feel a little more like surfing. The Spoon capitalizes on that same float-ability with a rounded, convex base which allows the ski to keep its lift in deep powder, adding power to turns as it planes. To prevent you from rolling over, two spots on the ski drop down from the rounded base—”downward facing cleats”—to provide grip in hard snow as you carve. The skis have a lightweight build and a consistency in strength and flexibility not found in most other carbon skis.

The Spoon will debut in time for Christmas at a cool $1,349. Hope you made the Nice List this year.

Available at dpsskis.com.

—Image courtesy of DPS