There was great joy in the house when my fiancé and I took the plastic off of our windows. While it helped insulate our older windows in the winter, the spring sun shining in reminded us we hadn’t fully aired out our humble abode for an entire season. I noticed how smudged the glass was, how much dust had accumulated on the blinds, and that it was probably time for a spring cleaning.

I wasn’t in a rush to fill our place with chemicals, so I was happy to find this all-natural guide to spring cleaning from BigGreenBoulder. The most helpful tip has been the recipe for wood cleaner, as we have a fondness for wood furniture and exclusively hardwood floors.

The homemade recipe is simple: Mix two parts olive oil with one part lemon juice. The two liquids don’t mix well, but dunk a cloth in anyway (like dipping bread in olive oil), and rub it into your wooded areas for a gleaming result. It’s not just shinier; it helps coat any scuff marks and imperfections.