If spring has struck you with the urge to freshen up your home, you’re not alone. Emily Motayed, co-founder of Denver digital interior design company Havenly, says when the temperature starts to rise, so do client inquiries. Havenly doesn’t require the same kind of commitment many other interior design firms do, though. The two-year-old company creates custom decor solutions for a flat rate of $199 per room. After you complete an online style survey that includes submitting a digital image of your room, a Havenly designer works with you remotely to revamp the space. So, in the spirit of spring cleaning, we asked Havenly design assistant Kylee Trunck to dish on simple solutions for common design predicaments.

Design Dilemma

Your new condo has gorgeous views of the mountains—and a bedroom the size of a closet.

Courtesy of Crate & Barrel

Solve ItReduce the floor space you use by opting for a bed with built-in storage. And skip nightstands; for reading lights, use sconces or hang pendants from the ceiling.

Havenly Fave: Hayden Queen Storage Bed, $2,199, Crate & Barrel

Design Dilemma

You inherited your parents’ beige couch, which is almost the same hue as your neutral-color walls. Ho-hum.

Courtesy of Lulu & Georgia

Solve It: If you’re able to paint, choose a bright white. If you can’t, load up on accessories. A colorful throw on the back of the sofa breaks up the tone-on-tone look. Add in pillows and hang artwork, and the beige will take a back seat.

Havenly Fave: Kimmie pillow, $70, Lulu & Georgia

Design Dilemma

North-facing windows in your apartment mean your space feels dim, even as the days get longer.

Courtesy of West Elm

Solve It: Layer your lighting with floor lamps and table lamps. The different angles and heights will bounce light around the room, making it much brighter. And don’t skip overhead lighting. Even if you don’t have hard wiring, there are plenty of options that plug in, including arching floor lamps—no electrician needed.

Havenly Fave: Half & Half table lamp, $249, West Elm

Design Dilemma

It’s mud season, and your kiddos are dragging in half the backyard on their shoes. You need to protect your wall-to-wall carpet, stat.

Courtesy of Wayfair

Solve It: Start with a welcome mat outside and large area rugs (wool and synthetics are the most resistant to wear and tear) over the carpet in your most frequently used rooms. While you’re at it, consider adding a runner with a little color or pattern to protect hallway floors.

Havenly Fave: Woven Tattersall black area rug by Dash and Albert Rugs, $35 to $452, Wayfair

Design Dilemma

You live in a classic 1920s bungalow in Wash Park: lots of charm, no storage space.

Courtesy of Z Gallerie

Solve It: Find storage solutions that double as decor. Ottomans, decorative baskets, and even clever benches can hide clutter.

Havenly Fave: Storage Ottoman in black, $249, Z Gallerie

This article was originally published in 5280 April 2016.
Hilary Masell Oswald
Hilary Masell Oswald
As the former editor for two of 5280’s ancillary publications, Hilary Masell Oswald split her time between the vibrant design-and-architecture scene in the metro area for 5280 Home and the always-changing field of health for the annual 5280 Health.