We’ve said it once, and we’ll say it again: Denim is in for spring. And we’re not just talking about your classic jeans and t-shirt style (although that look is always a staple). This season, it’s all about experimentation.

“I get a lot of people asking me, ‘What’s in for denim these days?’ says Casey Kochenberger, co-owner of Blush boutique in LoDo. “And I say, ‘Anything and everything.’ It just depends on what you’re into.”

The latest runway-inspired trend? A denim suit, or professional denim. Refined and clean, these pieces are structured with little embellishment and can replace trousers and blazers on many occasions.

This may sound like a style that’s hard to pull off, and it certainly can be. “You don’t want to look [like] Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake,” Kochenberger says, referencing the famous couple’s infamous matching denim-on-denim look at the 2001 American Music Awards. However, experts say Denverites could really love the trend. Art Scibelli, a career counselor with Career Matters, would not recommend wearing denim pieces to an interview, but considers it appropriate for much of Denver’s day-to-day business atmosphere (depending on your office, of course).

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“I went to graduate school in Boston and they tend to be a lot more ‘buttoned up’ with button-down shirts, suits, and ties,” Scibelli says. “Colorado tends to be more casual; it’s not the formalized gray or black suit.”

So how can you pull off the denim suit without looking like you’ve journeyed back to the 90s (and not in a good way)? Kochenberger has a few tips to keep your style looking fresh and fitting for Colorado:

  • Go for dark wash denim, which tends to look more professional.
  • Pair the suit or separates with a silk shirt and bright jewelry. Silk fabric will keep it looking serious.
  • Try pairing the outfit with a fun pair of booties or pumps.

Besides being on-trend, springing for a denim suit also offers versatility. For one, these items can be dressed up or down. Denim suit pieces can also be a nice packing staple. Kochenberger listed three outfits you can get out of one “suit” in a trip: the full suit outfit, a dress paired with the jacket, and a more casual outfit using the pants with a t-shirt and Converse sneakers.

While Blush isn’t currently carrying any business-style denim pieces—you can still stop by to shop for some great pairs of jeans—we found some nice professional options at Whorl, pictured above. But expect to see this trend pop up in boutiques around Denver. Whether it catches on with residents is another story.

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