If you’ve been anywhere near Civic Center Park lately, you’ve probably noticed the giant contraption taking shape on the lawn for the upcoming Denver Big Air ski and snowboard competition. At times, more than 100 people have worked on the main draw: a ramp, which is 100 feet tall and 300 feet long, that will support more than 200,000 pounds of snow (via 9News). But with just a week to go, the Denver Post reports that Big Air planners and city officials have tangled over how the massive structure should be anchored to the ground.

The city wanted the structure to rest entirely above ground, while the ramp builders suggested anchors should be driven into the park’s grass—up to five feet deep. City officials balked at the proposal, fearing damage to the complex network of underground irrigation, major utilities, and tree roots. But Big Air planners shot back, saying the city’s alternative would require eight truck loads of cement blocks weighing up to 200,000 pounds. The city won out, and the two sides agreed to use the blocks. Regardless of how the ramp gets up, organizers are hoping for 10,000 people to attend the event (tickets start at $45), which will feature bands like Switchfoot and Colorado’s One Republic, notes SnowboardMag.com.