I did end up skipping out on the Fado’s experience last Friday. Sounds like it was a good decision, too, after getting the update from The Indulger’s Damien McCaron over the weekend. He said the average wait to get in was 45 minutes, with a line two blocks long. And predictably, the thousands of party people were in fine form.

“What people will put up with on Paddy’s to get drunk amazes me,” McCaron said after his show Friday night. “Fado is totally trashed inside and out, it looks more Sturgis in August.”

Yikes. After hearing tales earlier on Friday about the hordes of stumbling drunks that had engulfed Lodo by 4 p.m., I had changed my mind about heading downtown to celebrate. Guess it’s good that I opted to stay in the ‘hood, hitting my local neighborhood spot, Spot, for drinks and dinner. (They just updated their menu, so I’m excited to head back again soon to try more of the new items, which include old faves like their awesome burgers and wraps, and the new addition of traditional pub fare like fish & chips, an Irish dip sandwich, and a totally loaded Chicago-style hot dog.) After, we hit a friend’s fabulous house party, where the celebration got a little rambunctious, but at least I knew all the sloshy folks surrounding me, and no one trashed the place.

Sometimes it’s just better to hang close to home.