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Stage 1: Aspen Circuit (Monday, August 19)

Distance: 68.2 miles

Consisting of three 22-mile laps, Stage 1 packs in 3,080 feet of vertical climbing per lap with a starting elevation of 7,900 feet. Racers will fight for position over the narrow Maroon Creek Road then grind their way to Snowmass Village with two short, steep climbs and a quick loop of downtown before doing it all again.

Start: 1:05 p.m.

Where to Watch: Rent a bike or bring your own and ride and watch from the extensive bike trails that parallel much of the race.

Don’t Miss: Arrive a day early and catch the Aspen Music Festival and School‘s closing concert.

Fuel Up: Nosh on the kale, tomato, and asiago salad at Victoria’s Espresso Wine Bar & Gourmet Grazing.

Stay: Breathe in fresh mountain air at Aspen Meadows Resort. Home of the Aspen Institute, the luxury hotel rates start at $299.

—Image courtesy of Shutterstock