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Stage 5: Vail Individual Time Trial (Friday, August 23)

Distance: 10 miles

The time trail traces its roots back to the racing lore of the Coors Classic. The ascent begins in Vail Village and climbs most of the way up Vail Pass, where gentle grades give way to a steady climb the last three miles. Last year’s time trial was decided by 58 hundredths of a second.

Start: 1:05 p.m.

Where to Watch: Checkpoint Charlie along Highway 6 en route to Vail Pass.

Fuel Up: Savor the grilled romaine salad and gnocchi principessa at Ti Amo, off Highway 6.

Don’t Miss: The Chromoly bike-building competition, which is billed as the “Top Chef of bike building,” as competitors battle to see who can assemble the best bike from scrap parts.

Stay: Watch the race right from the rooftop deck of the Sitzmark Lodge.

—Image courtesy of Doug Pensinger