As Jason mentioned here, the White House has not been a particular fan of Colorado Congressman Tom Tancredo. His recent remarks about bombing Muslim holy sites seem to have offended everyone.

Today, the State Department criticized his remarks as “offensive” and “insulting.”

At least, Tancredo recognizes that his chances for a Presidential nomination were next to nil, even before this :

Tancredo said he was not worried about the comments hurting his chance at the presidency. “I’m not going to couch my words based upon some bizarre hope of, you know, running for president,” he said.

He ought to worry about whether they will hurt his chances for re-election in his own district. It’s one thing to be perceived as conservative, it’s quite another to be viewed as “wacky.”

And whatever happened to the term-limits election promise he made years ago? Maybe his opponent will bring that up in his 2006 Race.

In 1998 he promised he would not run more three times for eldection. He’s planning on another term, maybe his constituents will be less pleased with his in-district and out-district antics come balloting time.

If I were his constituent, I would be concerned about him flying to Maine and Iowa to test presidential waters of a race he only feels he has a “bizarre” chance at winning.” I’d rather have my Congressman home working on contituents’ problems that he could actually do some good in resolving.

Coming so close to an election year, you can bet this comment is going come back and bite him in the butt.