The U.S. job market is tight and there really are no bright spots. That’s the assessment of USA Today, which adds some detail: All 50 states and 95 percent of the nation’s metropolitan areas will have fewer jobs than they started with in 2009.

Only two sectors, education and health services–and government–are expected to add workers. But six states won’t be hit too hard. Colorado, thankfully, is one of them. Just 1 percent fewer jobs are expected in the state this year.

But tell that to James Cox of Littleton, who is making the transition to a field with more long-term job security–nursing–and is taking classes during the day at Arapahoe Community College as he manages a restaurant by night, according to the Rocky Mountain News, which notes an 11 percent increase in community college enrollment, among other job-changing trends.

At least gas prices are lower for most of us–unless you’re in a mountain town. A couple of state lawmakers want to know exactly why that is, especially as workers struggle to maintain jobs amid the high costs of mountain living, according to 9News.