Lawmakers promised jobs, help for struggling families, and improvements to public education as they convened for the 2009 session under the state’s golden dome yesterday, writes the Denver Business Journal, which notes that more than 100 bills were introduced, including one that seeks to make the state a filmmaking mecca and another that would require employers to grant workers up to 40 hours a year “unpaid leave” to attend school activities for their children.

CBS4 reports that Governor Bill Ritter will deliver his annual State of the State address today, laying out his own ideas to create more jobs and improve transportation at a time when lawmakers must cut approximately $600 million from the budget.

Senate President Peter Groff and new House Speaker Terrance Carroll, both Democrats, along with Senate and House minority leaders Josh Penry and Mike May, all promise to cooperate, according to the Colorado Springs Gazette, although members of the two parties differ on how much the government should be involved.