Colorado’s Republican leaders are urging its members not to comment on Colorado Pols, a top political weblog, claiming it is inaccurate and slanted against Republicans.

GOP director Hans Gullickson accused Democrats of running the blog, saying information posted about Republicans is either “spectacularly wrong or consistently biased.” In addition, he accused those behind the blog of keeping track of the names of people who thought they were anonymously posting to the site. He feared how that information might be used.

Colorado Pols responds.

… this site’s content is produced by several authors on both sides of the political spectrum. We take pride in the fact that our information is, more often than not, accurate and timely. We do not have a “secret agenda” to bring down anybody’s candidate or party. We call things how we see them, and if it weren’t the case we would not have the strong bipartisan following we presently enjoy.

One of 5280’s bloggers, Jason Bane, also writes for Colorado Pols.He’s out of town this week, but we’ll let him take it from here, if he thinks a response is warranted.