After Florida’s Stephen Bunyard successfully sued Chadwick Real Estate Group managing director Brooks Kellogg for $2.5 million over a real-estate deal gone bad, Kellogg allegedly offered to pay $2,000 for Bunyard’s murder. But when Kellogg, who was in collection and facing upcoming arbitration in another $500,000 lawsuit from Bunyard, showed up at Denver International Airport to pay off his hit man, he was met by an undercover agent and subsequently arrested, according to an FBI affidavit (via the Chicago Tribune).

“I don’t know what my reaction is—I’m not used to having a contract put out on my life,” Bunyard tells the Steamboat Today. “This is the first time it’s ever happened.”

The FBI says Richard Friedman, who also works for Chadwick’s, knew of the murder plot, but Friedman has strongly denied any involvement.

Veteran Denver lawyer Larry Pozner, who is representing Kellogg, tells The Denver Post he is still sifting through the case: “What I do have is a history of a successful businessman. Brooks’ background is impeccable. It makes no sense.”