As they have for several years, University of Colorado students are expected to amass today to smoke marijuana in public as part of nationwide demonstrations against laws that make the drug illegal, according to The Associated Press. The “4-20” protests, named for the California statute number banning marijuana possession, take place on April 20 (4-20) at 4:20 p.m on the campus’ Norlin Quadrangle. In past years, CU officials have tried to deter students with tactics like turning on the sprinklers and posting incriminating photos online, according to the Colorado Daily. But this year, interim chancellor Phil DiStefano is urging via e-mail that students should not “participate in unlawful activity that debases the reputation of your university and degree.” Last year, 10,000 students participated. This year, student organizers of the protest seem higher minded than in the past, lining up an array of local and national speakers on both sides of the issue–from Steve Bloom, founding editor of High Times magazine to Commander Tom Sloan of the Boulder County Drug Task Force, according to The Denver Post. The approach has generated some thoughtful discussion about decriminalization, like this Daily Camera forum of editorial board participants.