When street artist Jher Seno and members of the Arty Deeds crew started working on an alley-long Stranger Things installation at RiNo’s Colorado Crush street art festival, it didn’t take long for bystanders to recognize their favorite characters. The Netflix show, set in the 1980s, is a sci-fi thriller that follows a group of cute kids (plus one telekinetic girl) searching for missing friends that have disappeared to a paranormal, “upside down” world. It surpassed Making a Murderer as the streaming service’s most popular show and quickly got the green light for a second season, which started production this month.

Arty Deeds—a compilation of 18 local street artists, including well-known names like Seno, Vogey, and Eaks—has been collectively working on separate scenes reminiscent of the season with plans to finish up before the first snow. Keep an eye out for a few new elements like a Denver logo resembling the Netflix brand and some more creepy scientists in space suits.

Go see it: The alleyway mural sits on the 2500 block between Larimer and Walnut Streets in RiNo.