Chicago-style pizza is OK—I guess—but when you’re on the go, stick with wide slices of New York-style, thin-crust pie that fold effortlessly for easy eating. One of my favorite places in town to find the dish is at Fat Sully’s pizza window, located inside the Atomic Cowboy. So imagine my delighted surprise when I walked out of the Candlelight Tavern the other night and found myself standing in front of the Fat Sully’s Slice Truck—a mobile pizza heaven.

The selections are limited to cheese, sausage, pepperoni, and a “special” slice, but the price is right: just $3 to $4 per slice. (The truck even serves a $14 gluten-free pie that you can load up with your choice of toppings.) Even better: The truck is retrofit with a similar quality oven as traditional pizza joints, so the mobile bites have all the same cheesy goodness.

Like other food trucks, the Slice Truck doesn’t stay in one place, so follow it on Twitter or Facebook to find out where it’s headed.