Halloween isn’t the only time to indulge your sweet tooth. Lucky for us, Denver has plenty of shops that dole out sugary treats all year round, ranging from the classic (truffles and lollipops) to the exotic (green tea Kit-Kats). Here, a roundup of four local stores that will make your mouth water.

The Novelty Shop: Rocket Fizz (1512 Larimer St., Suite R-25)

Rocket Fizz’s Larimer Square location is stocked full of knickknacks, a massive candy supply (marshmallows, Necco wafers, Toblerones, even green tea Kit Kats), and more than 500 flavors of sodas. We love swinging by on a workday for an afternoon pick-me-up. Rocket Fizz doesn’t weigh your candy, so you won’t have to worry about how many gum drops you stuffed in the little baggie; you’ll just get a deal.

Try: The bacon soda—or take it one notch higher with the chocolate bacon soda. $2.25, including tax

The Specialists: Enstrom Candies (201 University Blvd., Suite 118)

After running an ice cream company for nearly three decades, Chet Enstrom launched this Grand Junction-based business in 1960. You can still find ice cream at the store, but the company’s toffee is the big draw. The Cherry Creek location has free Wi-Fi (read: work meetings with toffee).

Try: Enstrom’s almond toffee—hard at first bite, crunchy in the middle, and with a subtle, lingering sweetness at the end. $20.95 per pound

The New Kid on the Block: City Pop (1561 Champa St.)

Technically, City Pop is a gourmet popcorn joint with more than 70 flavors, but considering that half the store is filled with large glass jars of bulk candy, it’s hard to ignore its presence on the sweet scene. Owner Chris Zettle says the brightly colored wall of candy tins and packaged treats draws customers in, and we agree; the displays are literally eye candy.

Try: The Pink grapefruit, banana, or black cherry Albanese gummy bears (The treats are vegan and gluten-free—and devoid of the pig gelatin that normally goes into gummy candies). $7.99 per pound

The Classic: Hammond’s Candies (5735 N. Washington St.)

In 1920, Carl T. Hammond decided he wanted to build something of his own in Denver. Ninety-four years later, Hammond’s Candies remains a sweet testament to his dream. As the largest handmade candy factory in the area, Hammond’s churns out more than 2,000 pounds of sweets a day. The company’s top sellers are its candy canes, which come in more than 30 flavors, and weigh in at two ounces (traditional canes are only one ounce) apiece. Bonus: Learn how the candy canes are made here.

Try: Their Mitchell sweets—marshmallows wrapped in caramel. $16.95 for a 12-piece gift bag