Spring and rhubarb go hand-in-hand—and despite Colorado’s reluctance to fully give in to the sun, I’m already craving rhubarb pie. I’ll have to wait to make my own (my plant is just beginning to poke its leaves through the soil) but I satiate my craving at the Shoppe.

The Colfax bakery, which is best known for its cupcakes, also fills its glass case with scrumptious mini versions of homemade pies. I go for the excellent peach-rhubarb with a thin, flakey crust, but there’s a variety of fruit and cream pies that range from caramel-apple to banana-cream.

Tip: For even bigger fruit flavor, call the Shoppe 48 hours in advance and order a full-size version of any flavor. Do as I’ve done in the past and serve the Jumble Berry Pie (pictured) for your next springtime brunch. Ask nicely and the baker will adorn your pie with hearts made of tender piecrust.

3103 Colfax Ave., 303-322-3969