If being “outdoorsy” means that you like to enjoy happy hour on decks, you’ve probably already read about our favorite patios in town. Unfortunately, not every bar in Denver allows dogs. So, on a suggestion from a reader, we pulled together a list of a few bars, breweries, and coffee shops that will welcome dogs on their patio.


The Bark Bar: This canine-centric bar has an on-leash patio and an off-leash yard that’s ideal when your hands are busy with a drink. Bark Bar caters to its four-legged customers, too, with snack options for dogs, including Seattle-based Bowser Beer, a non-alcoholic, hop-free “beer” for dogs.

The Watering Bowl: This Glendale venue, open since November, has plenty of space, with a 7,000 square-foot dog park, multiple bars, and an outdoor, on-leash patio.


Denver Beer Co.: Dogs on a leash are allowed both in the building and on the patio in front of the taproom. Bonus: Dog treats made from the brewery’s spent grain will keep your pup pleased.

Prost Brewing Company: Prost’s expansive patio (we recommended a visit in our May issue) is Fido-friendly with dog treats and water bowls. Bonus: the Highland brewery has a great view of downtown.

Black Shirt Brewing Company: Enjoy the brewery’s red ales on the porch or in the beer garden.

Coffee shops:

Stella’s Coffee: Whether you choose to enjoy your coffee on the front porch of this house-turned-coffee-shop or under a broad umbrella on its patio, your dog is welcome to join you (there are complimentary dog biscuits).

Wash Perk: Next time you take a morning walk in Wash Park, head three blocks west for a cup of Kaladi coffee on Wash Perk’s patio. The coffee shop is well-stocked with dog treats and magazines.

Highlands Cork & Coffee: If this cafe feels like home, it’s because the 107-year-old bungalow used to be owner Shawn Manzaneres’s house. Leashed dogs are welcome on the patio.

—Photo courtesy of The Bark Bar