Here’s one good thing about the soggy, gray spring this year: Colorado’s wildfire risk will be normal. The forecast is particularly welcome, since pine beetles are infesting and killing millions of acres of trees in the state, leaving them brittle, dry, and vulnerable to fire. “We still expect to see short periods of hot, dry weather, which could wind up supporting large fires,” Governor Bill Ritter says, according to 9News. Northwestern Colorado, which is expected to be the driest area in the state, faces the highest risk, and residents throughout Colorado who live in fire-prone regions should clear areas around their homes to prevent burns, according to The Denver Post. Campers should also take precautions to ensure their fun doesn’t lead to a fire. As for the beetles, which have hit trees on about 3 million acres of land in the state, the U.S. Forest Service is spending about $30 million on the removal of bug-killed and other trees in Colorado.