It’s T-minus 10 days to Super Bowl Sunday, so what’s the rest of the country saying about the Denver Broncos?

The Seattle Times wonders what would have happened if Peyton Manning had chosen the Seahawks over the Broncos.

Despite some odd comments this past season, Manning’s former boss in Indianapolis will be rooting hard for his former quarterback.

Denver’s receiving stars will be tough to defend, says Sports Illustrated.

But don’t sleep on the offensive grinders, the Associated Press says.

Was this kid really fired from his job for wearing a Broncos jersey?

Fox Sports gives 10 reasons why the Seahawks will beat the Broncos.

United States Senator John McCain is pulling for Denver.

A veterinary clinic in Washington state is offering “free Bronco castrations.” (h/t @deadspin)

The Broncos’ official site has a video of the official Super Bowl patches being sewn onto game jerseys.

But the team is being all hush-hush on how many Super Bowl tickets its fans were really able to purchase at face value.

If you’re feeling up to paying for airfare and a hotel, Super Bowl tickets have fallen to roughly $2,200 on StubHub. That’s down $200 from our search Wednesday.

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