The popular sentiment hovering over the Denver Broncos in the past week or so has been cautious optimism. Rookie quarterback Tim Tebow finally had his chance to start, something many fans had eagerly awaited. But the Broncos still have a lot of problems, one of which is now a disgruntled Kyle Orton. The former starting quarterback tells The Denver Post he’s healthy enough to play the final two games of the year, and he doesn’t agree with giving Tebow the starting job.

“You never want to give up your job, you know?” Orton says. “We’ve worked hard as a unit for a number of months, and you’d like to be able to finish that out with your guys. It’s disappointing not to be able to do that.” Orton played at record pace for much of the season, but the last two games have been his worst. Despite his passing numbers, the Broncos were 3-10 under his leadership, which doesn’t cut it in the results-oriented NFL.

And add Elvis Dumervil to the growing list of Denver’s troubles. The NFL’s leading sack master in 2009, Dumervil suffered a torn right pectoral muscle during training camp and has missed the 2010 season so far. Now, it turns out he’s facing assault and disturbance charges after some sort of altercation with an Invesco Field gate worker in October. The Post reports in a separate article that Dumervil allegedly clashed with one of the stadium’s parking lot workers because he didn’t have his player credentials, and the worker refused to let him through the players’ entrance. Dumervil was cited for disturbing the peace and assault in connection with the incident, which is working its way through court.

KDVR, the outlet that originally reported the news, points out that Dumervil is the fourth Bronco to run afoul of the law this season. Linebacker DJ Williams was apprehended for a suspected DUI in November, and defensive back Perrish Cox was arrested less than two weeks ago, accused of sexual assault. Rookie linebacker Kevin Alexander was detained for an alleged assault and battery on Monday and was subsequently booted from the team.