Colorado Attorney General Nominee John Suthers, currently the U.S. Attorney for Colorado, sailed through his confirmation hearing, if you go by the vote total — it was 6-0 for confirmation. But, eight people took the time to address the commmittee in person and air their complaints with Suthers.

Randy Brown of Littleton accused Suthers of failing to investigate law enforcement actions related to the shootings at Columbine High School.

Bill Sulzman of Colorado Springs said Suthers showed “prosecutorial misconduct” in 2003 by pursuing charges of obstructing national defense against three Dominican nuns who vandalized a nuclear-missile silo in Weld County.

Denver lawyer Robert Corry demanded that Suthers apologize to one of Corry’s clients for statements Suthers made about medical marijuana users being “lifelong pot smokers.”

Suthers had his responses ready:

In the Columbine case, federal officials concluded there wasn’t enough evidence to convene a grand jury. The nuns were habitual offenders who would not negotiate a plea. The “pot smoker” comment was not directed specifically at Corry’s client.

The committee asked Suthers if he would support laws he disagreed with, like medical marijauna, abortion rights and affirmative action. Suthers said he would.

And it looks like Suthers will face opposition in the 2006 election for the post: Sen. Dan Grossman, D-Denver abstained from the vote because he’s planning on running for the position.