As I pointed out earlier this month, Colorado ranks number 10 in the nation for home foreclosures, a statistic that is not surprisingly packed with plenty of real emotions, the kind that appeared to be at the heart of a standoff yesterday between a SWAT team and a guy whose name is nearly identical to that of a former Van Halen frontman: David Lee Rothe.

The 50-year-old Rothe had faced foreclosure eviction for about a month on his home in the upscale Belleview Acres Park neighborhood in Jefferson County, writes The Denver Post. After what appears to have been a long legal battle in court over possession of the home, Joseph Lorimor purchased the residence on June 30. In September, he sought to evict Rothe, obtaining the legal approval to do so.

When SWAT members arrived yesterday, they burst past barricades Rothe had set up around the property. He even parked a semi-tractor trailer in front of the house to prevent it from being taken over, according to Fox 31. Rothe surrendered without incident about four hours after the standoff began.