Chicks love holidays. I’m stating the obvious for the benefit of you men out there who may be wondering what to do for the next big one: Valentine’s Day. If you have a sweetie, start making plans. Now.

No clue what to do? Take your beloved to the ballet. Yes, I’m serious. Ballet Nouveau Colorado is doing a special production of Moulin Rouge at the Paramount Theater on February 14 (it continues Feb. 17- 19th). Think cancan music, star-crossed lovers, and high-energy choreography by a talented group of modern ballet dancers.

Here’s a tip, though, for you ballet-is-boring types. Go out for dessert and coffee before the show. That way you’ll still be awake by the time intermission arrives. And after? Well, your sweet little honey bunny will think she’s found the most romantic guy alive. Head out later for a champagne toast or a moonlight stroll, and you have the makings of a very memorable evening. (You can thank me later.)