In scorching temperatures I drove—air conditioning on full blast—in search of Ba-nom-a-nom, a food truck dedicated to healthy frozen treats. Truck owner Sarah Ladley has a knack for creating unconventional “fro yo” that’s made from 100 percent frozen, blended fruit. There’s no added dairy, gluten, sugar…or anything else for that matter. Ladley also offers a variety of flavors (peach is a big hit) and several toppings. Based in Fort Collins, Ba-nom-a-nom cruises all over Colorado, offering health-conscious consumers an alternative to high-fat, sugar-rigged treats.

With just the right amount of natural sweetness, pieces of refreshing fruit, and the same thick, creamy texture (thanks to frozen bananas) as soft-serve yogurt, my scoop of banana-pineapple-peach was love at first spoonful. It was satisfying enough for dessert and nutritious enough to be guilt-free—I’d say that’s a win-win.

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Image via Shutterstock.