Once in a awhile you find a treat so special that you might suspect divine intervention. Case in point: I recently discovered Our Lady of Light Monastery on Pecos Street while doing research for 5280 Home (the monastery borders the house featured in this story). While perusing the website, I learned that the nuns bake and sell Clarisas’ Cookies to help fund their ministry.

I immediately ordered a box of the treats and was able to pick them up by early afternoon the same day. What a delightful surprise: The dainty, bite-size butter cookies come in four flavors—coconut, orange, cinnamon, and vanilla—and are made from scratch each morning. The goodies are perfect for holiday gifts and parties (they also make nice additions to lunchboxes), but I especially enjoy them with tea. Each box (pictured, right) holds one and a half pounds of the tiny treasures, which means there are plenty for sharing around.

Bonus: The cookies’ benefits are twofold: You get to enjoy delicious, freshly baked sweets while simultaneously supporting the nuns’ larger mission of servicing the sick and destitute.

Clarisas’ Cookies can be shipped anywhere in the United States. Order online or call 303-458-6339. $12 per box.

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