There are very few foods I don’t like, but I’ve always counted biscotti—the Italian twice-baked cookie—among them. Designed to withstand long sea voyages, they are hard as bricks. It’s no wonder that Pliny the Elder reportedly said that the sweet treat would be “edible for centuries.” No thanks.

On a recent errand on Old South Pearl, however, I discovered the only biscotti I’ve ever loved. At Pajama Baking Company, the vast selection of cookies, pastries, and muffins included a plate of jumbo-size pieces of the coffee companion. An inner voice told me to try one: If anyone is going to have a biscotti worth tasting, it’s these guys. Indeed, they do. Studded with chocolate chips and crushed walnuts, this house-made biscotti was pleasantly chewy in the middle and satisfyingly crisp on the outside. In fact, it was so lovely I savored every single bite without ever considering dipping it in my (equally well-made) macchiato.

1595 South Pearl St., 303-733-3622

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