Yes, cupcakes have been done a million times, but now and then one comes along that deserves some extra attention. For me, that special treat is Tee & Cakes strawberry milk shake delight.

Located just off Boulder’s Pearl Street Mall, the bakery/cafe churns out perfect handheld sweets with smooth icing. The strawberry milk shake cupcake is made with puréed strawberries, which infuse it with an authentic, summery flavor. But what makes it especially good is the vanilla-like taste of the strawberry-buttercream icing in every bite—a true milk shake flavor. Topped with a cute cookie straw, it even looks like a mini milk shake. Stick it in the fridge or freezer to get that cold shake feel.

Tip: Tee & Cakes is a great spot for an easy weekend breakfast, with a selection of pastries and fresh cups of Novo Coffee.

1932 14th St., Boulder, 720-406-7548