When I’m on the hunt for a pastry splurge, there’s no point in messing around (no crumbly, half-baked cookies for me). Often that means scanning the lineup at D Bar Desserts, Devil’s Food, orGlaze. But now I’ve discovered the beckoning treats at the Brown Palace Coffee and Tea Co., located just inside the regal Brown Palace Hotel and Spa.

On my first visit, I chose the chocolate-banana tart (pictured, bottom right) and a Florentine(pictured, top, second in). The tart’s crown of chocolate crispies and gold leaf gave way to silky-smooth chocolate pudding and fresh slices of banana in buttery crust. And the thickly cut Florentine was ringed in just enough dark chocolate to offset the rich caramel and almond crunch. Both desserts are worthy of sharing—or you can keep this decadent secret to yourself.

Bonus: Browse the shop’s small collection of books from the Tattered Cover Book Store. Then sip a smooth Allegro latte and take home a collection of crunchy biscotti (pictured, top left) and the hotel’s signature chocolate-dipped macaroons (pictured, top right).

321 17th St., 303-297-3111