Nothing says summer like frozen treats on popsicle sticks. But as the warm season segues into a cooler fall, dessert choices tend to shift. With the help of Ticklebelly Desserts‘ newly released cake bars, however, the transition is seamless. These treats feature popsicle-shaped slabs of soft, sweet cake on a stick, offering mess-free convenience and the comfort of a freshly baked dessert. Best of all, each cake bar contains less than 150 calories.

Geoff Suk and his assistant Stephanie Gaines are the chefs behind this concept from Ticklebelly, a Colorado-based company that opened in 2008 (the company also makes mini cakes, cake pops, and dessert “shots”). After baking the cake batter onto the stick, the cake bars are dipped in a confectionery coating and usually finished with crunchy sprinkles. Ticklebelly is constantly adding new seasonal flavors like strawberry shortcake and sweet pumpkin, but the core flavors are dark chocolate, vanilla bean, salted caramel shortbread, and chocolate peanut butter. And with no artificial colors, preservatives, or flavors, these portable desserts won’t completely blow your healthy regimen. Grab a pack of four at your local Alberson’s and Safeway.

Editor’s Note 08/19/2016: A previous version of this article incorrectly stated where Tickebelly cake bars are sold; they are only available at Albertsons and Safeway. For those interested, other Ticklebelly products are also available at King Soopers, Safeway, Sam’s Club, and Walmart. We regret the error.