On a recent ingredient hunt to Arash International Market in Aurora, I discovered Golo Bol Bol ice cream. The saffron treat (pictured) was dense and absurdly creamy, like gelato. Studded with pistachios, the ice cream tasted intensely of cardamom and rosewater—a nod to faloodeh, an authentic Persian dessert made with vermicelli noodles and partially frozen rosewater. The half-pint was sweet enough to deliver the traditional Iranian dessert ingredients in an addictive way, without being overly cloying.

Anything that combines such imported flavors with the approachable satisfaction of ice cream is worth the trip to the corner of Yale Avenue and South Parker Road—regardless of whether there are other exotic ingredients on your shopping list.

Service Bonus: As if Arash’s unique grocery offerings weren’t enough, every staff member I encountered during my visit was impressively kind. One ran, literally, to the back of the store for plastic spoons.

Arash International Grocery, 2720 S. Parker Road, Aurora, 303-752-9272

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