TABOR amendment author and newly sworn in Colorado Springs County Commssioner Douglas Bruce is making headlines again. Now he wants to donate his $63,000 commissioner’s salary to a non-profit under his control that advocates his political views –bypassing federal withholding laws.

At the root of the problem is Bruce’s refusal to provide his social security number, without which the County can’t make a report to the I.R.S. The County has already spent $1,000 to research the issue.

Not reporting earnings to the IRS is a violation of state and federal law.

This is silly. Let the County compute the appropriate withholding, put it in a special escrow account, and issue Bruce a check in his name for the rest. If he wants to donate the money to his advocacy group, let him write on the back of the check, “Pay to the order of ACT” and sign it. No social security number needed.

Then let him face the music when the I.R.S. comes calling. If he’s right, the money in escrow will go to ACT. If he’s wrong, he can provide his social security number and the county can transfer the money to the IRS. If he still refuses to provide his social security number, then it’s his problem, not the county’s.