A home is a private refuge, especially if you live in the glare of the public spotlight. That’s why Colton Underwood, the former NFL player and star of the Bachelor, worked with Unscripted Interior Design to create a Denver retreat that perfectly suited his style.

“In designing my first home in Denver, I really wanted to create a space that reflected my life at the time—being grounded by nature in Colorado without losing the contemporary vibes of my life and career in Los Angeles,” Underwood says. “Together with Unscripted Interior Design, we made every detail of the home to create a sanctuary that made me feel safe and comfortable.”

That personal attention started from the beginning of the design process. “Every project has a level of gather and discovery for each of our residential clients,” says Kari Armstrong, Unscripted’s CEO. “We ask myriad questions to really dig into their lifestyles, their dreams, and ultimate design goals,” she explains. “This project was a lot of exploration into different design elements so that every detail was truly a reflection of Colton.”

Underwood’s mountain-contemporary home, built in 2020, has about 5,000 square feet of space for living and entertaining. “I wanted the home to be open and modern, with clean lines and a minimalist style,” he says. His favorite color, black, became a central theme. To avoid monotony, the design team introduced materials and textures—including wood, velvet, and iron—that add layers of interest. Erica Lax, Unscripted’s director of residential design, adds, “He has a strong dislike of clutter and wants everything to be purposeful, with a masculine edge.”

Bold art pieces bring strong character to the streamlined spaces. “Colton loves unexpected art,” Lax says. “He allowed us to source him pieces that we felt reflected his public persona as well as his more personal side.”

The finished home is a comfortable place where Underwood can start a new chapter. “This open-concept bachelor pad was perfect for the season of life Colton was in at the time, embracing his newfound and newly celebrated lifestyle, which led to lots of entertaining opportunities,” Armstrong says. “And now he finally had a place that would reflect just that.”

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