The difference between a professional athlete and a weekend warrior isn’t just talent or time to train. It’s also the ability to recover—and having the best tools to do so. Thanks to Josh Shadle’s vision, casual athletes in the Denver metro area will soon have the same resources as athletes at the prestigious Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs. ¶ This past summer, Shadle, a massage therapist by training, opened the first AllSports Recovery Club in Boulder, a facility devoted entirely to the postworkout fix: healing worn and torn muscles with the most elite recovery equipment in sports (see below). “These tools would be really expensive for an individual person,” Shadle says. “Some things, like the [recirculating] ice bath, you can’t find anywhere. But here, you can come to one place and have access to all of them.” ¶ Based on a membership model similar to many gyms, AllSports charges $59 a month for continuous access to the equipment—plus additional services like chiropractic and massage treatment for injuries or stubborn problems. As AllSports’ first location reaches capacity, Shadle is already looking at expansion, and Denver—home to no small number of hardcore athletes—is the first likely target.