I love Domo’s casual, country Japanese ambience (rice paper scrolls, rough wood-slab tables, tree stump stools) and its peaceful patio garden that provides a quiet retreat from the city. But when I don’t have time to linger at the restaurant, I stop by for take-out. Always attuned to quality, Domo has created a special take-out menu that omits certain fish and noodle dishes whose freshness can suffer with transport.

Recently, I enjoyed the chicken curry bento take-out—a generous meal with tender teriyaki chicken over brown rice (served with a side of thick curry), and a variety of accompaniments, including steamed and lightly salted edamame, marinated carrot and okra strips, savory miso soup, a spicy chilled chicken salad with jalapeño, and cold rice noodles lightly tossed in rice wine vinegar.

Best of all: This extra-filling meal, which lasted through dinner and lunch the next day, set me back all of $8.

1365 Osage St., 303-595-3666