Giving credit where it’s due is a wide-spread problem among Denver media. Today’s case in point is 9News story about CU Head Football Coach Gary Barnett. The Denver Post reported today that Barnett would not be retained next year., however, decided to take the liberty of saying that they have learned that Barnett will not return, which is more than a bit of a stretch:

9NEWS has learned the University of Colorado does not plan to bring head football coach Gary Barnett back next season.

A 9NEWS source corroborates a Wednesday Denver Post story which says the university will buy out the remainder of Barnett’s deal and not reinstate the coach for next year

If 9News learned that Barnett was not going to return to Colorado, they learned it from the same place that everybody else did: The Denver Post. They can, and should, try to corroborate that story with their own sources, but if they find out the same thing, they didn’t learn anything — they just verified what was already reported. They have no business trying to take credit for any part of this story unless they broke it themselves, which, clearly, they did not.