Typically, post-dinnertime with a toddler means four major areas of cleanup: child, dishes, table, and floor. Now you can eliminate some of that mess. Launched in December, the Less Mess Happy Mat is a BPA-free-silicone plate and place mat in one—so your table is your plate. It suctions to clean, dry surfaces, meaning it’s tougher for kids to turn dishes into flying saucers, and more food ends up in their mouths than on your hardwood floor. (Although they can still toss Cheerios to the dog.) Parker mom Lindsey Laurain dreamed up the device in 2014 when she grew tired of all the extra tidying that came with three young sons—four-year-old Brody and three-year-old twins Chase and Drew. The plate’s smiley face–shaped, three-compartment design separates the main dish from fruit, veggies, and other sides and is deep enough for cereal and milk. Plus, the Happy Mat ($24.99) is dishwasher- and microwave-safe, so Mom and Dad can focus on the more important things—like story time.