Tom Tancredo isn’t at the Superbowl in Miami. He’s in Iowa, pitching his bid for the Republican nomination for President in 2008 and honing his anti-immigration message.

“We have a cult of multiculturalism. This is what permeates our society,” he said. Immigrants who come to the United States but refuse to assimilate by learning the language and following the laws water down what it means to be an American, he said.

“It’s a cultural, political, linguistic tower of Babel,” he said.

Tancredo is not just against immigrants present in the U.S. without proper papers. He also wants to limit the number of legal immigrants.

His timing of his visit to Iowa during Superbowl weekend is not coincidental. He knew he’d get more media attention.

Tancredo’s references to Miami as a “Third World country” – in part because of the city’s high percentage of residents who don’t speak English – caught the ire of popular Miami Herald humor columnist Dave Barry.

As part of his jabs against the congressman, whom Barry referred to as a “xenophobic dimwit,” the columnist has been directing readers to call Tancredo’s office for Super Bowl tickets.