Even Tom Tancredo’s most ardent admirers agree the Congressman who would be President didn’t impress in last night’s Republican debate.

His most loyal supporters blame the fast-paced format of the debate: crisp one-liners were needed. They also say Tancredo was given short shrift compared to the other candidates.

Another explanation is that Tancredo doesn’t have much to say about issues other than immigration and abortion.

Of course, even Tancredo says he isn’t in the race to win but to raise the profile of immigration.

Comprehensive immigration reform is front and center right now with President Bush. He’s submitted his plan. A bi-partisan group in Congress has introduced the Strive Act (The Security Through Regularized Immigration and a Vibrant Economy Act, H.R. 1645). They don’t see Tancredo’s plan as providing reform. Neither do the American people.

Consider the latest USA Today/Gallup Poll. It shows that 78 percent of Americans understand that many immigrants came here illegally but would let them earn citizenship nevertheless.

A Washington Post/ABC News survey last month revealed similar thinking: 62 percent of respondents favored illegal immigrants keeping their jobs and earning citizenship.

Maybe Tancredo’s intolerant ideas have already peaked with the nation as being out of touch with reality. Or maybe he’s just not schooled enough on more pressing presidential issues to take to the national stage.