Jeralyn points out that Rep. Tom Tancredo may have drawn a primary opponent…and I mean may because he might not ever make it to the ballot.

Unfortunately for those who would like to see Tancredo lose in a Republican Primary, or at least get enough of a challenge to weaken him for the general election, I doubt much will come of this. The fact that Juan Botero is announcing his candidacy on a Friday — a bad day to make any announcement because only one of the major daily newspapers will publish tomorrow — and doing it at a location that isn’t even in the district would suggest that he isn’t getting sage advice.

Botero also has very little time to make his case to caucus attendees, which means unless he plans to petition onto the ballot (which is very difficult to do without a strong organization), he isn’t likely to even be an option for Republican voters on August 8. It’s one thing to say you will be a candidate, but it’s quite another to make it to election day. Could Botero knock off Tancredo in a primary? We may never know.