There will be a protest of Congressman Tom Tancredo today at the state capitol over his recent remarks suggesting the U.S. consider bombing Muslim holy sites. Local activist Manolo Gonzalez will be taking part.

“He can no longer embarrass us and speak for all of us,” he said.

It’s not just Democrats and liberals that are bashing Tancredo. Right-wing radio host and blogger Hugh Hewitt writes this scathing attack on Tancredo’s comments.

I want to be very clear on this. No responsible American can endorse the idea that the U.S. is in a war with Islam. That is repugnant and wrong, and bloggers and writers and would-be bloggers and writers have to chose sides on this, especially if you are a center-right blogger. The idea that all of Islam is the problem is a fringe opinion. It cannot be welcomed into mainstream thought because it is factually wrong. If Tancredo’s blunder does not offend you, then you do not understand the GWOT.

Colorado right-wing blogger Jeff Goldstein weighs in in the middle at Protein Wisdom. Responding to a commenter on his blog he writes,

But my point was that there is nothing inherently wrong with raising it as a hypothetical — particularly in the context Tancredo did.