The big news today is that Congressman Tom Tancredo has announced he will not run for re-election.

“It’s the fact that I really believe I have done all I can do in the House, especially about the issue about which I care greatly (immigration),” Tancredo said in a phone interview from a motel in Iowa.

As for his future plans,

He said he’s looking forward to being able to watch his five grandchildren compete in youth baseball, football and soccer games. He also said he doesn’t have a specific career plan in mind, but added he would continue writing and other ways of influencing public policy debates.

He’s still campaigning in Iowa for the Republican presidential nomination and he hasn’t ruled out a 2010 Senate bid against Ken Salazar.

It sounds like he’s tired and needs to regroup and refocus. It’s understandable. He’s been running on a shoe-string budget. He doesn’t fly on chartered jets and he doesn’t stay in luxury hotels like his competitor, Rudy Giuliani.

I may not agree with his politics but it’s hard not to credit the passion and stamina he’s shown to date. All in all, I think he’s made a wise decision for him and for Colorado.