Colorado Confidential has an article up today about Rep. Tom Tancredo’s little publicized humanitarian positions, specifically those regarding Sudan, Darfur and the independence of the Taiwanese.

Although he’s regularly called a racist by detractors, to the Genocide Intervention Network Tancredo is a hero. The organization named him one of its four “Champions of Darfur,” and gave him an A+ on its legislative report card, Darfur Scores. Only 10 other House members received a top grade.

On these issues, Tancredo has sponsored numerous pieces of legislation. An example:

Tancredo sponsored another measure this year that would create a student loan forgiveness program for Sudanese living in the United States with the goal of encouraging them to return to southern Sudan to help with reconstruction efforts.

Tancredo doesn’t publicize his work in this area so as not to detract from his immigration message.

Tancredo’s office has issued 49 press releases this year about immigration and he’s sponsored eight measures in the House relating to the subject. Although he’s sponsored nearly as many measures concerning Sudan and Taiwan, he’s issued just five press releases about Taiwan and none about Sudan.

On the one hand, credit where credit is due. On the other, I wish he’d be as humane to those in this country, including those present without proper documentation, as he is to those abroad.